On the road in South Africa

20th June There are usually one or two field campaigns carried out by the core team each year. This year’s one and only field trip features me (Marion :)), joining Pieter and colleagues to measure LAI in coastal forests of South Africa.

Pieter has measured biodiversity (of birds and others) in many many plots along the coast and this year we will revisit those plots to now add canopy structure information. This will aid Pieter’s conservation and restoration focussed research and contribute to our Tropical Canopies project. For a glimpse of what he does, have a look here. For a list of his publications, see here.

Co-incidentally, I will also be teaching at Pretoria at the end of this trip: a 2-days workshop ‘Using earth observation data for ecological applications’. I naturally had to look around campus allowing me to explore some of Pretoria’s cuisine and hospitality. It’s amazing!

Displaying WP_20150620_018.jpg

Looking forward to tomorrow when we will leave town for the coast. 8 hours journey, so I am told. But dinner first……


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