10 days in South Africa’s winter – (1) Mabibi Beach

Mabibi beach camp was stunning and so was the beach. I could almost forget the endless minutes looking for tiny birds of certain colour that are definitely rare and need spotting. The guys take their birdwatching seriously.

WP_20150627_005 WP_20150629_002

The forests look stunning from afar, but the dunes are steep. We crawled through thickets, got snatched by spiky plants, and stepped on thorny Asparagus. The ultimate forest hike experience.

DSC_0787 DSC_0775

We did eventually arrive at most plots. Exhausted but ready to take the hemispherical images and soil carbon samples.

DSC_1006 DSC_0805

IMG_2329 IMG_1730

We encountered fires, used by locals to keep the grass low (so we think). And, we celebrated our achievement by watching a beautiful sunset at the lakeside trying to spot hippos and drinking the ice cold beer from the car fridge. Hoping for less harsh forest times. What little we knew.

DSC_0899 DSC_0848


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