10 days in South Africa’s winter – (2) Lake Kosi

Let’s forget about the unfriendly woman pushing us away from our booked campsite, and we will only have beautiful tales to tell about Lake Kosi and the nearby forests. The first night remains my absolute favourite of the whole journey.


Yes, that’s right. We sat on comfy chairs lounging away a ‘leisure afternoon’, one of only few overall. Towards the evening, the lounging was further improved by drinking red wine and beer and watching the sunset over lake Kosi. We were joined by a family of cheeky three hippos yawning and watching back at us. Happy times. I got promised hippos, and here they were.

As to the dune forests. They were as beautiful as the other ones, but equally, they were just as difficult to walk through as the forests at Mabibi.

DSC_0772 WP_20150701_008

We soldiered on nevertheless, fuelled by yet another BBQ meat feast. And on the next day, we went to visit the mouth of the river famous for its crocodiles. We knew they were there, even if not visible at all. Although Marc ignored the threat on its hunt for the perfect picture of the rare African finfoot. We would have called for help, of course, would the crocodiles have snapped at him. Promised.

DSC_0950 WP_20150702_001


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