Back from Beijing

I (and Izzy, now 10 months old) just returned from Beijing, following two days of listening to talks about forests, their status and biodiversity, and their future. Funded by Forestry University, Beijing, the meeting (First GFBI Conference ever)  was fun, engaging and very international, many of the speakers being members of the Global Forest Biodiversity Initiative:

I also presented some of the findings that the Global LAI project team has produced so far. Please find the talk here: 2017_Beijing_GFBI. Don’t forget to look out for the journal Forest Ecosystems over the coming months. many of the high profile speakers who presented at the conference will publish the research they talked about in that journal. And actually, so will we 🙂 Pfeifer et al. In Review. Tropical forest canopies and their relationships with climate and disturbance: results from a global dataset of consistent field-based measurements. Forest Ecosystems.

And by the way: China was a great and welcoming place to travel to. Izzy was incredibly popular with the local tourists.

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